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This is how we make our impact!

With the right preparation, your organization is more likely to be able to provide critical services after a disaster.

SF CARD can help you with preparedness, response and recovery. We can give you the right tools to handle emergencies as small as a one-alarm fire at one of your locations all the way to a large-scale disaster affecting the entire region.

Our services include consultation, training and exercise facilitation, and coordination with government and other organizations.


Consultation– SF CARD will help you create and develop your agency’s emergency plan and staff preparedness.


Training and Exercise Facilitation – SF CARD will help you design and coordinate regular disaster exercises and drills for your organization.


Community Coordination This is what makes SF CARD unique! SF CARD can include you in our extensive community response network before and after a disaster to share ideas and resources. We developed our network over the last 22 years to include community  and faith-based organizations, private businesses, and local, state and federal government resources. 


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We extend our services to the following groups

Private business Solutions for You is our suite of affordable preparedness solutions for any small to medium-sized business.

Non-profit and Community Based Organizations – Our Disaster Resilient Organization Program is for nonprofit and community organizations which need to continue providing vital community services after a disaster.

Faith-Based Organizations – Our Congregational Emergency Preparedness Program  is for  congregations of all faiths wanting to train and plan for continuity of operations in an emergency.

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